7 Secrets on How to Grow Your Facebook Page Followers4 min read

Want to learn how to grow your facebook page followers? Want to increase the numbers of fans? Facebook users are growing yearly and it is now consider to be the best option to get more attention to your business or to easily promote a blog post, everyday, millions of users join facebook and you can now easily make people notice your businesses by using a Facebook today, in this post, ill teach you how to grow your Facebook page fans. so lets start!

Secrets To Grow Your Facebook Page Fans

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Define Your Audience

At first, you need to know what and who will be your audience, it is very useless to have followers in your facebook page if they cant relate in your post, so you need first to be clear to yourself what kind of audience do you really want.

Post Regularly

It is important to post regularly on your facebook page because you need let people know that your facebook page is alive. When you post something interesting everyday, you will get more post likes and when people like your post, their friends also can see your post and gain leverage sharing.

Photos Entertaining Photos

You started a facebook page to build a business but sometimes, dont post about business evertime, sometimes you need to share a joke related to what you mostly share on your page, this will boost interest to your readers and love what you share.

Post Videos

As you observe in other popular facebook page, most of them now share videos post, this type of content gets more likes and shares and as a result the page gets more fans and followers.

Add a Like Box to Your Website

If you have a website or a blog, then you can use this option. In the Business Pages I have seen, a Like Box is one of the largest sources of likes for the Page if the website gets good traffic. It’s very easy to add a Like Box—just go to the Facebook Developers site, add the URL of your Facebook Page, configure the settings for how you want your Like Box to appear and click Get Code.

You will now have a choice among HTML5, XFBML, iFrame or URL. For most WordPress sites, you can choose HTML5, XFBML or iFrame for your code. But your WordPress theme may affect your choice. In this case, the easiest thing to do is to paste the code into a text widget on your sidebar.

Run a Freebie Promotion

I have seen a post a long time ago that posted a post saying that they will be giving iphone for people who like their page,post and share then they will pick a lucky participants in the end of the content, i am not sure if they did what they are promising but it reaches 1 million likes, but all i know is its working and you can also do that too.

But we aware lying is not good for you but still do this at your own risk,

Boost Your Post

This is a paid option but this is worth investing, remember building a facebook page followers is a long term investment, the more people followed your page, the bigger chances your post will reach more people, and with boosting your post you easily make poeple notice you even they re still not your followers but soon they will join as your fans soon when they clicked like on one of your post.

Updated tip: Boost $5-$10 on every interesting post you publish. Observe the most liked by people and continue boosting it.


There is really no secret in growing your facebook page follower, the idea in growing your fans is by aiming to get more reaction as you can to your post CONSISTENTLY because when getting some reaction like LIKE,LAUGH,ANGRY and etc. You can invite them who reacted to you page to Like your page, in that way you get bigger chance to have more followers than not following the given tips above.

Hope this had help you a lot and thank you for reading. Just leave a thought about this article.

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