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Want to know the system or device requirements for PUBG mobile? Are you a fan of PUBG PC version? Starting today I would like to officially announce that PUBG mobile (Global version is out!) even its already started a few months ago.

pubg mobile

Okay! Everybody now are trying to play pubg mobile who loves mobile version more than PC version.

PUBG mobile or PlayerUnknown’s Battleground mobile is a battle royal gameplay where you can choose to play SOLO mode,DUO mode, and SQUAD mode of four people in a team, and the goal is to survive until the last fall of the enemy(100 players in one map).

This is a very interesting video game of all time in the world of mobile multiplayer game. It is very realistic compare to other games out there and to win you need to have a good strategy to win a CHICKEN DINNER.

And if you want to play PUBG mobile and if you are not sure if it can be playable in your devices, in this post, I will be sharing tips on what you need to have and what to do to make the PUBG mobile playable in your devices.

Since devices are divided into 2 version, the Android and IOS, I would start right away with IOS

System Requirements for IOS

Playable Devices: IPHONE 5 and Above, iPad Air, iPad mini 2 and Above and iPad Pro and above.
Device Storage: Need 1GB and above free storage.

Device / System Requirements for Android

Playable Android version: 4.3 and above.
RAM: 2GB and above.
Device Storage: Need 1GB and above free storage.

Proper Graphic Setting with Different Device

Making the right setting to make a game like pubg playable is just a common sense but if you are not a techie person and just want to play PUBG mobile then I cant blame you.

Note that the game features has three graphic presets(Frame Rates), and they are LOW,MEDIUM and HIGH Frame Rate and the list of resolution are the following: SMOOTH,BALANCE,HD,ULTRA HD.

If your device has 3GB RAM and below, specially like my past device that only has a 2GB of RAM, you should choose graphic presets MEDIUM Frame Rate and a resolution /Graphics of SMOOTH to make the game playable in your low end devices and if you have below 2GB of RAM then I suggest you should buy a new phone with a high specs. MEDIUM presets and a resolution of SMOOTH is the minimum graphic setup to make PUBG mobile playable in your devices.

For High end devices with a 4GB RAM and above, those devices will not experience any problem at all. If your device can choose a graphic preset of HIGH then I recommend you choose that but I think it will make your phone heat faster but you can play more smooth with that preset.

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