How to Live Stream on Facebook and Youtube When on Your Devices?2 min read

Are you always playing your favorite Android and IOS Games? Do you want to do live stream / live streaming on Facebook or Youtube when playing your favorite android games? Want to be famous on Facebook and Youtube? But you dont know how to start a live stream?

Doing Live Stream in my opinion is one of the coolest thing you can ever do today, because a lot of people will be watching over you, and if you want to grow your friends, live streaming is the biggest step for you to gain more friends.

How to Start a Live Stream?

The only thing that i know that i will be sharing you today is called Omlet Arcade. Omlet Arcade it is totally free and you can search in your android play store and IOS Store, it is very easy to use because if the user friendly UI.

Omlet Arcade is one of the most advanced and useful application tool that can assist users for their recording and live streaming needs for all popular mobile friendly video games like Clash Royale, Pokemon Go and Minecraft etc. Using this well designed software platform, gamers can easily share their interesting videos with wide range of audience over YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. You will love to explore its minecraft map sharing ability by just sharing the link with friends whereas it is also possible to add different useful tools to your favorite game: Pokemon Go.

Get your Application now: Android iOS:

Key Features:

1.Chat feature is enabled for improving social fun experience.

2.Omlet allows users to discover all new exciting games.

3.You can follow your friends and their streamed content easily.


1.It supports watch live stream feature.

2.Users can easily join an interactive community.

3.It helps gamers to stay up to date with all latest information about new games.

4.Supports live streaming.


1.Users have reported random crashes with this application.

What are you waiting for, Download Omlet Arcade and enjoy your live streaming!

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