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Are you looking for High PR Blog Commenting sites for backlinks for SEO purposes? Link building is one of the best ways to grow your blogs audience because it is one of the factor for google to decide who will get to the top of search results, the more trusted sites are referring your blog or website, the more you will likely to show on the first page of search result.

What is Blog Commenting

blog commenting

Blog commenting is a basic idea of leaving a reaction to a page, this is a way to build relationship to the auhor of the page. A blog comment is the most commonly used method of off page SEO to build permanent back links.  You write the comment on popular blogs and get a backlink for your site.

The good thing about blog commenting is that you are pulling some traffic from a popular website to your website. Because when you leave a comment, it will ask your name,email, and website URL and your comment, once you submit your comment, it will automatically  create a link to your website. very easy right?

The Benefit of Allowing Audience to Comment on Your Website

Obviously, web masters loves to do link building, because it will boost their SEO, meaning they are also looking for blog commenting sites where they can freely do link building, they can be one of your audience. The more people will see that you accept blog commenting, the more likely they will be back to see what new topic you have for them to leave a comment, that is the first simple explanation.

Second reason why accepting blog comments is recommended is that because google loves to index keywords on your page, the more new keywords shows on your page, the more google spiders will crawl again to your page, this is also google for Search engine optimization. so i recommend you allow blog commenting.

Reminders for Participating on Blog Commenting Sites

Just to make clear, High PR website or Old and Trusted website who accepts comments on their blog are already fed up with spammers, and it is not advisable to leave comments that only consist of 5 words, HR PR blog commenting sites want comments that are adding value to their post, so obviously they wont accept that only looks spam or obviously doing it only for the sake of backlinks and not also trying to add value to their post.

Blog commenting is not also for building backlink, you need also to make people try to visit your website, so to do that, you need to make yourself look that you have some knowledge to offer them, so when you leave some comments, try your best to look like an expert, comment like an expert, and people will be curious on what topic you have on your blog.

List of High PR Blog Commenting Sites for Backlinks

Lets start doing link building!

These are some list of website that accepts comment, you can now start browsing each website and start link build but always remember what i told you earlier before leaveing a comment to get high success in leaving comments. Thank you for reading and good luck!

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