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Do you want to earn money at home? with JuanAds it is very possible!

What is JuanAds?

JuanAds is a PTC site, a paid to click site with a twist that makes members earn faster, and members will be paid by clicking ads and viewing it for 20 sec then theres the money.

What are their Products?

Their products are advertising services where if you have a website or a referral link then you can advertise in JuanAds.

To earn, member needs to view ads for 20 seconds and that what makes your website or referral link to have an attention.

JuanAds has also an online store where members can buy products.

You can earn money at Juanads for free but if you want to earn more you can upgrade for P1,500.00 ONETIME PAYMENT. So it is equivalent to LIFETIME UPGRADE.

But before you react on the investment amount, you need to see first the benefit of it. This is an investment opportunity.

“Dont make your money sleep, find a way to make your money work for you.”

There are 12 ways to earn but let me tell you only the best way to earn at JuanAds.

1.Direct Referral

For free member, you can earn up to $1-$2 per referral upgrade, once the member you invited upgrade, you earn.

For Premium member, you can earn up to $2-$4 per referral upgrade, once the member you invited upgrade, you earn.

2.Point Bonus

Earn 150 points every time you get direct referral and also you will earn 50% points from your all Direct Referrals Total Accumulated Points.

This is for Premium member only.

3.InDirect Referral Bonus

You can earn $0.10 – $1.00 for each member who decided to join under your team up to your 10th level. Remember you can refer as many as you want.

This is for Premium member only.

4.Sales Rebate

Earn upto 75% Sales Rebate from your Team Purchase from 1st-10th level Advertisement Sales.

For example, you refer 5 people in your first level and each of them purchase $2 worth of the Advertisement. JuanAds will give you 20% of total Sale in your first level equals to $2 (P100), and every first level also refer 5 people repeat up to 10th level this will give you Potencial Income of P 61,035,975.

For Premium members only.

5.FastStart Bonus

Earn Extra $100! Simply Refer 20 Premium Direct Referrals Account in 31 days after you sign-up.

If you can find 25 people who are willing to invest to premium account in your first month then you can get $100.


Bonus of $2 upon sign up.

Free banner advertising for all members.

Get $4 if your downline upgrades (if upgraded)

Free $100 if you get 25 premium members in a span of 1 month.

Promo codes for upgrade.

Active admin ( you can have a chat with admin on Facebook)

Lots of members.

Lots of Promos and Incentives for members.


You won’t get referral earnings if you’re not upgraded.

You need to scan or picture your payment proof if you pay your upgrade membership.

Only 10 ads are available for free members.

Only 50 ads are available for upgraded members.

Url Ban on Facebook.


I’m an upgraded member of Juanads and I can see that there is money in JuanAds. I know that this site will continue to improve because the admin is always active and adding new ways to earn.

If you wish to register, you can click this Registration Link.

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