7 Tips How to Get Promoted in Your Job

Are you working hard to get all your needs and looking forward for promotion? And you want to know how to get promoted in your job or work? there are some way to get that promotion in a diplomatic way and to enhance your chance of getting a promotion. Take time to read this, because this will help you for you promotion at work.

How to Get Promoted in Your Job

Before you can be confident in asking a promotion in your work or job, You must require yourself to be doing all the right things to ask for a promotion effectively, here is what you are going to do.

Do a Great Job

First step if you are still new in your job, be sure to make an excellent performance, because your boss or manager without you workers know that they check their employee everyday, why? Because they are looking for a candidate to be the next one to be in their position when they too get a promotion, or if there is no manager then your boss will be looking for a candidate to do some of their jobs and that is an equivalent to promotion

Be a Team Player

In a job there is always a team, there is no work in a company that will work alone. Being a team player will also make your co-worker love you and if you will be one of the candidate to be in a promotion, then your co-worker who become your friend might help you to be in the top. You must be a team player because if you successfully done it right, you can work with any kind of people in your workplace.

Be an Employee Who Can Depend On

Be on time for work and don’t take more time off than you are allocated. If you’re known as a sloucher and someone who misses more work than is appropriate, it will be held against you.

Get Notice and Join a Network

 Attend on company parties and gatherings. The more connected and engaged you are with your colleagues, the more they will know about you and the more you’ll stand out when it comes time to consider you for promotion. Managers are more likely to promote an employee they know well than a random applicant they don’t know much about.

Continue Your Education

If your company offers opportunities for professional development classes, take advantage of as many as you can. If your skills need updating or advancing, take continuing education or college classes. This way, your technical skills will be top level.

How to Ask for a Promotion

Be Prepared to Ask. Your employer may recognize your star qualities and offer you a promotion. Of course, it’s much easier when it happens that way. However, for some jobs and at some organizations you may need to apply for a promotion. Expect that you may have to ask or apply for the promotion you want.

Discuss With Your Boss. Be sure to let your boss know that you are interviewing for a new position. You’ll want him or her on your team because your references will be checked. It’s not a good idea to keep it a secret because your boss is going to find out. It’s better that he or she hears it from you than from human resources. Do offer to help with the transition if you’re selected for promotion.

Check Open Job Listings. Most large companies and many smaller companies list job openings on the company website. Some positions may be open to internal candidates prior to being available for external applicants, so you’ll have a jump on the competition.

Check regularly for new listings and apply for jobs that are a good fit for your background and experience.

Follow the Application Process. Don’t presume you’re going to get the job. The company may be considering external candidates as well as other employees for the job. Also, don’t presume that the hiring manager or department manager reviewing your qualifications will know your background. Take the time to update your resume and to write a targeted cover letter for the job you are interested in. Follow the application process, if there is a formal procedure for applying for internal job postings.

Get References. Ask your supervisor and other managers you’ve worked with for a letter of recommendation. References, especially from high-level staff, carry a lot of weight. Here’s a sample letter of recommendation for a promotion to review.

Ace the Promotion Interview. When you are being considered for a promotion or applying for a new job within the company, you may be required to interview for the position. Here are tips for acing a job promotion interview, so you can be prepared for an opportunity to move up the career ladder.

Send a Thank You Note. Send a thank you note or thank you email message to everyone you interviewed with reiterating your interest in the position.

Take the Time to Say Goodbye. If all goes well and you’re offered the promotion, take the time to say goodbye to your current co-workers and to let them know you’ll stay in touch. Do wait until after the company formally announces your promotion to tell them. It’s important that the company makes the announcement first before you tell your colleagues.