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Want to retire early so you can have time to enjoy life? Need an early retirement plan? Believe it or not, building wealth for a secure, early retirement is actually very simple. Yes thats right it is simple and needs a little bit of determination.

There are so many opportunities online appearing today and it looks so good to be true but most of them are scams or suddenly declares bankruptcy or just disappear in an instant. So to be sure, you must have own your own business. But what kind of business can you do online that you can declare your own? The answer is blog.

What is a Blog?

A blog is a website that consist of many article/blog post written by a blogger(you), you write article that are useful to other people. People are addicted to look for knowledge to solve their own problem. This is where your business comes in. When people will love what you write, you attract more people to go to your blog, when your blog’s audience grow, thats the time you can make money and you can retire early and to work for your own. Easy right? But this is the just an idea of a blog and how you can make money, but this is just the summary of blogging and it requires a lot of time and hard work but its worth to do because you can have time to yourself and not to stuck on your job with a limited salary.

There are lot of people who do blogs that are now earning $2000 – $3000 and more a month with just writing 1 article/blog  per day and enjoying the life after working hard to grow their audience. The challenge in blogging is growing your audience but once you build your audience this is where money comes in and you cannot stop it from coming. you get what you reap.

How to Make Money With a Blog?

When you finally build your audience and followers to your blog, thats the time you need to add advertisement to your blog. What type of advertisement you can put on your blog?

Ad Network

There are lots of advertising Network that you can join when you have enough audience to your blog. one is Google adsense. You earn when your readers gets attracted/interested with the ads you embeded in your blog. you can get $.02 – $2 per click and it depends on the advertisers. It is automatic and you will just wait for the money to come in to your account.

Affilliate Programs

Affiliate program is a way where you are trying to sell some digital products or services of other people using an affiliate link, affiliate link is given to you after joining some affiliate programs on some websites and potential, you can make money from $20-$50 and up

The good thing with this kind of business(blogging) is you dont need to supervise everything. Everything is automated and the only thing you need to do is creating new content for people to go to your blog. Easy right? I know some of you will say that it is not easy to write but just remember if you want to retire early and enjoy life, you need to study this kind of business.

How to Start Blogging

1.Start a blog

When starting a blog, you dont need to be techy or having a knowledge to make a website, i got things cover for you. I got a Start a blog tutorial for you. I got a video tutorial and a link below the video to get started.

2.Pick a Niche

After you already made a blog, pick a niche or a topic for your blog for example:




Job Tips

Self Development



Ideas for Making Money

and etc.

Depends on you what topics most interest you, just pick one and make topics about it.

3.Write an Article or Blog Post

Everyday or twice a week write a new topic to your blog, You must required yourself to write to attract more readers to get interested to your blog. This will help you to become successful in blogging.

4.Submit Your Blog to Website Directory

Familiar with Google, Google is a website directory, you need to submit your blog to website directory so google will show your articles when a user tries to search for information that are close to your topic. To do that go to Google Search Console.

5.Promote your articles to Social Medias

Its time to make people to notice you, you can promote your topics to social media like Facebook or Twitter, the more people will notice you, the more people will discover your blog.

6.Dont Worry Everything will be Fine

After following the instructions above dont worry about the future, just enjoy with your blog and try to learn new things so you can share more to your blog, write,write write when you have the try to write, dont hassle yourself and just enjoy what you do. Build your audience so you can make money on your Blog.


Blogging is the best option where you can invest with your money, having a website is your own property online as long it is publish online and he good news about it is you can also make money with it, dont let your blog reach to expiry date or else all your work will be useless.

Tell me what is on your mind after reading this and i will try to answer your question as possible.

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