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Are you in your first date? Do you need a dating tips because you dont know how to run a date? I know it is alarming to have a date specially if you dont know what to do. Thinking too much what to do will worsen the situation. Just relax and be you, in this post i will give you some tips you need to make your first date successful.

Just to help you to be more  relax, it is just normal if you feel not comfortable with your date, every people face that, and most of them done it right with just following this awesome tips

Dating Tips 101 For First Timers

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Be Presentable

Theres a saying that what you wear is what you are, and some say first impression last, no ones going to like you if you wear something that you are not going to be respected. Put some cologne in your body, wear formal clothes and not too sexy, being presentable is just your asset what is more important if you will know if that person fits with your personalities.

Dont be Late

In every meeting coming on time is important if you want to impress someone, dont be late in your first date, dont make that person thinks that you dont value him/her. Because making that person not to wait too much makes him/her more happy and impress with you.

Show Your Kindness

Always be aware of the little things in your date, in every date little things is one big points to that person, for example if you are going eating outside of the restaurant, be the one near the road or in the danger zone, make that person thinks that you want him/her to be safe more than you.

Never Use Cellphones

I know its awkward specially if its your first time facing your date is very not comfortable but never try to use your cellphone on your date because when you do, you are making him/her think that you are not serious with your date. As possible make your phone in a silent mode or just use it if it is very important. Or use it when you ask some excuse to have some bathroom.

Never Let Awkward Pause Happen

To make a date not TOO BORING, never let awkward pause happen, to avoid that try asking some direct question that you wanted to know about that person, because if that person accepted some dates with you, it is a given that he/she will be ready for some question from you, just dont ask too much personal because it is still your first dates. Try to ask light questions just to make him/her shyness disappear slowly until he/she is becoming comfortable with you.

Be you But not To be Too Serious

When having a date, try to be in your personality where you are ready to receive a punch line with a friend, for example if a friend tries to insult you with a joke, surely you will just associate with that joke by giving that person a positive response and you will not be angry about it, be that way in your first date, Never try to look too serious or that person will be scared asking you some questions, be the opposite of being serious and you will see some good results.

Dont Ask Question About Negative Things

When you start to make the conversation, it is a given thought that you be talking much deeper and deeper about it, so try not asking about the his/her ex or other things that will make him/her feel bad.

You Offer to Pay the Food

Prepare money for your date, at the end of the date, be ready to pay for the food, it doesn’t matter if your a male of or a female, just show your generosity, if you are a male, then i encourage you that you show your responsibility as a man, you pay for it. for the sake of the good feedback.

This is my dating tips, Dating is a way to know each other’s PERSONALITIES, it is 70% out of 100%, meaning personality is much important in dating and it is a win win situation for you and your date, to know if you two are fit together. Even how rich a person may be, if the personality sucks then it wont guarantee a successful date.

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